2018 was a milestone of the evaluation culture in Sri Lanka. In June 2018, National Evaluation Policy was approved by the cabinet of Sri Lanka and it was launched by the Prime Minister at the Temple Trees in the context of the EvalColombo2018. The approval and implementation of the NEP is seen as a key prerequisite for a smooth and successful operationalization of the evaluation agenda in Sri Lanka, empowering the dedicated Department for Monitoring and Evaluation (DPMM) with necessary authority to implement the NEP. The Policy is expected to significantly contribute to enhancing the enabling environment for evaluation by raising the evaluation profile and leading to a more systematic approach across government defining accountabilities, roles, financial flows and guidance for execution of and follow up on the evaluations.

An overarching regulatory framework should be in place to embed evaluation in the country development agenda. DPMM provides a good foundation for evaluation activities. Due to its mandate and links with key government institutions responsible for planning, data and budgeting, the DPMM plays a more significant role in monitoring of development programs. DPMM is in the process of developing the National Evaluation Policy Framework to smoothly implement the National Evaluation Policy. Sri Lanka Parliamentarians Forum for Evaluation advocates for National Evaluation Systems which provides evidence for better decision making.